Exeter-Web organises bimonthly meetups for people who work on or around the web. The group includes designers, developers, marketers, animators, copywriters and many more professions.

The meetups are informal gatherings which begin with three 10 minute talks and then move to the bar where people can network and catchup. The events are great opportunities for learning and meeting allied professionals. The informal environment and smaller audience (around 10-25) size make it a great place to ask questions and practice presentation skills.

We welcome speakers on many different subjects, whether it is their first or one-hundredth talk. We aim to split the presentations into design, development and business categories - slanted towards learning and not pitching or selling.

The meetups are organised via our page on meetup.com

You can follow @Exeter_Web on twitter or email us at mail@exeter-web.org.

Exeter-Web is run by Jack Way, John Nye and Rob Glover